7 Tips To Become A Calmer, Mature And Productive Person

You can become that better version of you and achieve set targets but yet remain cool, calm and collected.

The years pass, the metabolism slows down, the first signs of expression arise and you realize that you are no longer a teenager.

If maturity brings some signs that we do not like very much, it also helps us to be calmer and more focused because we learn to take the reins of our lives.

At least, that’s how we would like it to be, right? Unfortunately, we know that some days are real challenges for our existence, especially when everything and everyone seems to want to take us seriously.

Stay calm and breathe: It is possible to stay balanced and act wisely even when the world seems to collapse around us. Check out the tips:

1. Keep in mind: it’s you who matters

You compare yourself to other people in relation to the heavier body, the fatter salary, the nicer clothes … But, in fact, what really matters is how satisfied you are with yourself.

After all, you’re the only person who knows all the pain and delights of being who you are, right?

2. Stop Thinking Too Much

“What does this message with a little smile mean? And this whole formal e-mail? Has my mother-in-law been nice because she’s actually plotting against me? ”

These are examples that go through our heads when we think too hard and try to interpret every comma around us. In the same way that only you know yourself, it is impossible to decipher another person’s intentions without talking to her. Relax.

3. Laugh at yourself

Do not take life so seriously and do not take yourself too seriously. As professional, dedicated and responsible as you are, things will sometimes get out of control and you will end up making some kind of mess. The tip for these occasions is: laugh at yourself!

4. Work first, then fun.

If as a child you needed to do your homework first so you can play, know that it does not change after we grow up. What changes is that, now, we are the ones who need to have the discipline to fulfill obligations first.

If possible, work with what you like – or less try to find motivation in your work – and your days will become lighter. With the duty fulfilled, the fun will be much better.

5. Cut the gossip

Keeping track of all the baffles can be very tempting, but you’ll definitely earn more in time and energy if you stay away from the said-who-said.

That goes for the gym class, the group of mothers, and the work people, okay? When you realize that gossip is about to begin, consider whether to waste time with that conversation. If you do not add anything to your life, cut it out!

6. Take responsibility

Is your salary low because your boss does not give you the opportunity to grow? Did you put on a few pounds because your friends insisted you eat a piece of cake? Were you late because the traffic was in chaos?

Well enough to put the blame on others. Take on all the responsibilities and consequences of your actions and take the reins of your life.

7. Smile and wave

When someone is taking you seriously, reflect for a few moments: is it worth getting into a discussion to prove your point of view or just take it out and follow your life?

Often, the best option is simply to smile and wave, without being affected by bad comments, unneeded hunches or unnecessary rudeness. You will gain time and energy to take care of what really matters.

It is not easy to remain calm and act mature at all times, but with a daily workout, it becomes more natural to control the urges and be less bothered by the problems of everyday life. Good luck!

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