Dalung,Lalong, Dabang In War Of Words Over President Buhari Visit

Following the controversial statement made by Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Barrister Solomon Dalung against Governor Simon Bako Lalong of Plateau State, the APC Chairman in the State, Lateb Dabang on Tuesday called Dalung’s statement that of a “mentally deranged man.” Barrister Solomon Dalung had taken to his Facebook account on Sunday to post a lengthy article blasting Lalong for not recognising him and other dignitaries during President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the state last week as well as for naming a street he claimed was already named after a former head of State and Buhari’s boss, General Yakubu Gawon. Dalung had made other weighty allegations accusing Lalong of plunging the state into heavy debt as well misleading the President on the actual status of the road projects inherited and completed by him.

Against this backdrop, the APC chairman, Lateb Dabang had accused Dalung of making nonsensical remarks againt the APC led government.

“Is Dalung suggesting that because we commissioned some projects that Jonah Jang initiated, that we bring back Jonah Jang to commission them? That is silly. Bear in mind the President himself confirmed that during his 2015 visit he saw the desperate situation of projects on ground and was therefore elated with the progress made by governor Lalong to finalise the projects. So for a Minister in the capacity of Dalung’s standing to ridicule himself by making such ridiculous remarks and by countering what his boss has said is frankly pathetic. It shows that Dalung is a man who is not well, he is sick in the head.”

However, Dalung took to his facebook account to reply Dabang and other critics saying he was of sound mind and urged Dabang to be more interested in reconciling party members instead of aggravating the situation.

He mocked Dabang of losing ground since his mentor (Atiku Abubakar) left the party stressing that “I can understand the problem confronting my friend and brother Lateb Dabang, his mentor has left the party, so things are falling apart, the centre can no longer hold. Also, having been made to believe that you were going to be appointed minister and you lost why wouldn’t you call me a mad man? Take heart, if God so desires you will be one day.

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