N-Power Agro: A New Crop Of Agric Entrepreneurs Emerge

N-Power Agro, one of N-Power graduate categories is already churning out success stories in the agricultural sector. For a programme devised to help beneficiaries develop lifelong skills, it is quite heart warming that volunteers are blazing the trail in establishing Agric business of various kinds across the country, just a little over 1 year into the programme.

N-Power decided to get feedback from N-Agro beneficiaries through the hash-tag #iProduce and the response was simply amazing. Elochukwu Onyeje led the pack by sharing his experience thus, “#iProduce fresh vegetables like spring onions and lettuce every 21 days. I am getting empowered gradually through the Npower programme. Thank you”.

Kazeem Ibrahim was full of gratitude to the President and N-Power for the opportunity that has now turned into a money spinner. “Thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari for the N-Power Programme. I was able to establish a catfish hatchery where I produced about 50,000 fingerlings in two months”, an elated Kazeem revealed.

Another spectacular testimonial emanated from Shuaib Yusuf who started with groundnuts farming and used the proceeds to start a mini livestock farm. “I cultivated a plot of land from my stipends, where I planted groundnuts. I was able to harvest 5 bags of groundnuts and 17 bags of groundnut leaves. I sold the 5 bags of groundnuts and bought two rams and one sheep for rearing, while I use the groundnut leaves produced on the farm to feed the animals”, Yusuf stated. To Ifeoma Adionye, her cucumbers made her leap for joy. “Farming has been really great for me. I cultivated cucumbers and harvested them! #iProduce”.

Gradually, N-Power Agro is building a new generation of skilled farmers and also contributing to the Buhari administration’s diversification of the economy. With more volunteers investing in agriculture, the path to Nigeria’s self-sufficiency in food production is on course. Truly, N-Power is proving to be much more than employment!

N-Power is the Buhari administration’s job creation and empowerment scheme

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