Nigeria @57: We Must Work To Make Her Great Again

I congratulate Nigerians on the occasion of our 57th independence anniversary today.
Despite our daunting challenges, that we are still a united entity is worth celebrating. Nations that have gone through less than we did are today dismembered or in a state of anarchy but by divine providence, we have managed to pull through.

However, we must not be oblivious of the challenges of our nationhood. We must tackle it headlong. Our dysfunctional Federation which is at best unitary is structure must give way to true Federalism where Federating units develop at their own pace while power is devolved from the centre.

No Angel will drop from the skies to fix our country. We will fix it ourselves, so the time is now to quit the blame game.

Youths particularly should pick up the gauntlet. We need to harness our immense energies for nation building. Let’s build ourselves into that leader that we have always yearned for. If truly the older generation have failed us, we should PREPARE and EQUIP ourselves to lead…

This nation needs problem solvers across all sectors, she needs conscientious leaders that are selfless, whose only motivation for running for office is to make a positive impact.

If we must bequeath a functional society to the generation of our children, the time is now to put our hands on the plough.
The task of making this nation great again will be arduous, make no mistake about it. But doing nothing is not an option!

As we reflect on the sacrifices of our heroes past today, we must be ready to make that sacrifice, put in that effort that will also be engraved in the sands of time for the generation, yet unborn…

Happy Independence Day, Compatriots.

Segun Tomori is the Publisher& Editor-In-Chief of The Discourse and the “Publisher’s Booth” columnist. He can be reached on email:, twitter: @seguntomori

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