The Greatest Privilege Ever

By Pastor Timothy

(John 16:23)

This is the most amazing words from the lips of the Master to the believers, yet more than amazing, it’s an unthinkable word from the light that am going to share it to you today. When many of us read this verse we joyously receive it as a promise to all our needs, but have you ever wondered why many never got their personal needs met when they pray using this promise, some had concluded it could be as a result of lack of faith, no, it’s actually caused by wrong usage of it, because, it’s way more greater than that, the understanding of what Jesus meant in those words will change the entire story of your Christian light.

Firstly you’ve got to understand that this verse isn’t talking about praying for your needs, and this can only make sense if you know who a Christian really is, understand this, there’s nothing a Christian truly need to ask from the Father, this might be difficult for those who has not been properly taught about who a Christian is, listen, becoming a Christian is not enough, the bible said that God wants you not only to be saved but to come to the knowledge of the truth,(1Timothy 2:4), what truth? that you’re an HEIR, heir of God and joint heirs with Christ (Rom 8:17) Wow!! It can’t be better, Christ owns all things and you’re the rightful owner with him, what else can you possibly be asking from God that you and Christ doesn’t already have, it doesn’t matter how much you have in your bank account, this is the reality of you.

Now for us to know what Jesus meant, we have to see how he himself operated in that word, take example from John 11, Lazarus had fallen sick, dead, and buried, while Jesus was out of town, came back to the mourning sisters to raise their four days buried brother, one of the sister; Martha, made an interesting recommendation of Jesus, John 11:21″But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.” This is startling, considering that these are also Jews who can pray to Jehovah, but this lady having followed Jesus for a while, had discovered that He has a position with the father, that no one else had, in other words, no matter how many years Lazarus corpse stays in the tomb, if Jesus will only pray to the father for him, God will grant Lazarus to live again only because it’s Jesus that asked, it’s this way for two reasons, firstly, because he is the beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased, by this the Father can’t refuse him anything. Secondly, Jesus said “Father all of thine are mine” therefore the Father can’t grant anything or favour to anyone unless the Son ask him to, because all are his, and you can’t give someone’s things to another without the owners full permission.

However, the Bible said that the Master prayed always, but now you can understand what his prayer looked like. He wasn’t really asking for his needs, he was never need conscious, because he was the heir of all things, rather knowing he is God’s beloved and heir whom God will not deny anything he dares to ask, used his privileges to get the father to grant heart thrilling miracles of healings, miracle money, miracle fishes, water to wine, stinking dead bodies raised and many more and by so doing brought so much glory to God, hallelujah!!!

Do you know that this is the exact same privilege that Jesus brought us to fill in for him as Sons of God because he was leaving. Permit me to paraphrase this verse “And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it(because it’s you that asked)” stop being need conscious, who will answer Jesus Name and need anything, or don’t you know that you now answer this ultimate name in the spirit and that all things are yours in that name and that the father sees you as Jesus right now?(John 17:23), despite what you’ve done or how you feel about yourself, we can do all things with this privilege, we can actually heal, work any miracle and make anybody rich by this, use your position in Christ to create mind blowing miracles in your world cos He won’t refuse you anything, God’s answer is with you and His miracle power is in you.

Thank you father for this awesome privileges that I have in Christ, I refuse to be need conscious, I believe and enjoy every good things of life with Christ, and I determine miraculous changes in anything and everyone I come in contact with in Jesus Name.

1JOHN 5:14-15
JOHN 11:41:42
MARK 11:24
MATTHEW 17:20.

Pastor Timothy is the “Inspiration By Pastor Timothy” Sunday columnist of The DISCOURSE. He can be reached on email:

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